Dad's Camp Indiana

     Heartland Church in conjunction with Dad's Camp Indiana   

     April 27 - 29 , 2018 (Friday evening to Sunday at noon)


Here is a list of your testimonials
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"A truly transformative weekend. Participating in the Dads Camp program was one of the best things I have ever done as a father. To take a period of time and be with just that one child was invaluable. The activities and discussions inspired me to continually work on being a better father and continue the good things I already do. Thank your this great program".   ~ Travis



"Dad's Camp was a wonderful experience. First and foremost was the opportunity to reestablish or strengthen the bond with your child. It gave me the opportunity to refocus my life after being shown what was truly important (children, wife). I also had the opportunity to reconnect with God and just make some new friends that share the same goals and desires - to be better dads and husbands. Overall a great experience".  ~ Ray



"Dad's Camp has been a wonderful experience for my daughter and I. It has been a great time to slow down and bond with my oldest daughter and my heavenly Father. I have truly been blessed by the experience".   ~ David



"What a great camp!  I had no idea what to expect, but knew I needed to connect with my son in some way. The opportunity presented at Dad's Camp did that and much more. We were able to spend time together, one on one in a relaxed environment and really talk. I think he knows a little more about how much I love him even if at home, I have to divide my attention among three kids. I was able to really listen and focus on what he wants to tell me."  - Daniel