Dad's Camp Indiana

     Heartland Church in conjunction with Dad's Camp Indiana   

     April 27 - 29 , 2018 (Friday evening to Sunday at noon)

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect from Dad's Camp?

You will have fun, be encourage to reflect on yourself as a father, husband and man. There will be time for play, reflection, and growth. Like anything else in life the more committed you are to immersing yourself in what you are doing at that moment the more you will get out of it. Camp is structured to provide you all of the opportunities just mentioned. Take and make the most out of this very intentional time to focus on those relationships most important to you.


What does Dads Camp cost?

Registration $150 for father and child combined

Full cost of program is $220 should you desire to make a voluntary contribution

Scholarships available


What do I pack?

Clothes for various weather conditions. If it rains we will be inside but will still need to walk from building to building. Other items to consider bringing: flashlight, hat, comfortable shoes for hiking, sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, towel, snacks for between meals, a refillable water bottle, towel, swim suit, fishing gear (there are poles at camp but lures and bait are needed), pen, camera, bug spray, sunscreen, a bible and a great attitude.


What are the sleeping arrangements?

There are numerous cabins at camp. Best efforts are made to have every father/child in their own room. Girls and their fathers will have own room, Boys and fathers may share rooms with other boys/fathers depending on the numbers at camp. Most of the rooms are set up with numerous bunk beds accomodating 4 to 6 people per room. Each bed has a mattress. No linens, pillows, towels or sleeping bags are provided.


Can I bring a friend? What if I don't know anyone else at camp?

Absolutely! Please bring a friend or relative. The kids often like to have someone they know when they arrive at camp. But we have found that they adapt very quickly and make friends easily. Our counselors are well trained and comfortable helping the kids feel welcome and included. New friendships are being formed the first night. The dads also have time to connect and get to know each other right away. While you might arrive with a friend everyone leaves camp with many new friends.


What are the arrival and departure times?

Arrival is Friday evening from 5pm to 6pm (Eastern time). There is time to check out the camp, get settled in your room, meet cabin mates before our campfire and activities begin. Saturday consists of the bulk of the camp programming and activites. Departure is Sunday by noon to 1pm. Please note that you will likely want to eat prior to arrival at camp on Friday and no lunch is served on Sunday.


How does this camp differ from other father/child camps?

All father/child camp are designed to provide you the opportunity to have fun with your child - you will get that her as well. But Dads Camp Indiana is designed to allow the dads some time to talk/share, learn, study and reflect on themes that will make us better fathers and men. We structure the camp program to allow for dedicated time to spend with your child to talk and reflect on the theme of the day. The themes and conversation may be very simple at first, but provide a framework for open and honest communication and trust on both sides. And over time, at camp, at home and beyond we pray those conversations and the underlying trust can grow and flourish. There is also time for the men to spend time together (when the kids are playing and doing art projects) to talk and share in a community of men.


Where is camp?

Dads Camp Indiana is held at Camp PYOCA in Brownstown, Indiana. Brownstown is approximately 15 miles west of Seymour, Indiana.

For those traveling on I-65, take US 50 exit west at Seymour. Travel west approximately 15 miles on US 50 to Brownstown and turn left (south) on 250. Go one mile, then turn left at the Pyoca sign, immediately past the Jackson County Fairgrounds.

For those traveling east on U.S. 50 to Brownstown, go straight at the red light (where U.S. 50 turns left) You will now be on 250. Continue for one mile, then turn left at the Pyoca sign, immediately past the Jackson County Fairgrounds.

Make sure to use this address when seaching for Pyoca: 886 East County Road 100 South, Brownstown, Indiana 47220.


What if I have a question that is not covered here?

Please feel free to call us or send us an email and we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. See Contact Us section of this site at bottom of the page.


What does a typical day consist of?

A typical day looks somthing like this:

Free Time -  hike, fish, read, play games

Breakfast - as a group

Group time - all together to discuss theme and lessons for the day

Time Apart - Dads in quiet study time, kids in learning activities

One on One time with each other


Free Time

Group building/challenge course activities

Free time - rock climbing wall, canoe, swim, fish, hike ...


Time Apart - Dads group time, kids game time


Movie/star gaze/read


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